In the Company of Common Objects

Video projection on sculpture

How much is just enough information to clue me into thinking a simple thing is alive? that it has its own agency?

Using stop-motion, I animate objects around the house. I choose them for their sensuousness, their texture, their squishiness, the way they move.

Like with panties in Coming Near to Hear You. The panties are fabric, I know by the texture.

And yet watching them move, they appear to be alive.

How could it be two opposite things at once? It's a brain teaser and I love it.

It's also uncanny. This creature thing is familiar - I wear this kind of thing everyday against my body, I've got a drawer full of them. And yet it's totally strange because when animated these household things aren't behaving the way I expect, they aren't predictable anymore.

Size makes it even stranger. Small they seem safe enough, but six foot panties in close-up without even moving is unsettling. Even more so as living-like creatures.

(Video stills. All works date from 2014, 2015.)

To preview or screen films please contact the distributor:

Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) 

4001, rue Berri, # 105, Montréal, Québec H2L 4H2 Canada