Ambling Around

I write a column called Ambling Around for the online journal for AWN Animation World Network.

It covers all things art and animation from a creative perspective. Prying, spying, and eavesdropping on a wide variety of subjects, this post seeks to be at the very least informative, opinionated, and meddlesome.

Film Festival Submissions:

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Congratulations, you just finished a film. Now, you can put it in the bottom drawer or send it out to festivals. Nobody I know takes the bottom drawer option. But new filmmakers do need help with the first option. So I prepared an online workshop on film festival submissions that's freely available to everyone.

Filmmaker and AWN author Sharon Katz shares her experience with the international festival circuit and offers practical advice on how to navigate a route that will best showcase your film.

- SAW Video

Interview with Jean Detheux

In the summer of 2006 I interviewed the artist/animator Jean Detheux. I am delighted to publish the interview here.

Motion Made Visible

A short essay on drawing for animated motion.