I use a variety of media to create marks and images which, presented consecutively, order time and relate a narrative. My subjects are primarily common objects and everyday moments. Drawing and animation play a key role in my work.

Producer-director of short animated films, animated riffs, and mixed-media artworks, I exhibit widely in Canada and abroad.

I blog at Animation World Network and live and work in Ottawa, Canada.


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To preview or exhibit my video and animated films, please contact the distributor:

Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)

4001, rue Berri, # 105,

Montréal, Québec H2L 4H2

Gallery work is represented by:

Studio Sixty Six

202-66 Muriel Street

Ottawa, ON K1S 4E1


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(for current screenings please contact the artist)

2021     Front Yard Tableau. Mixed media installation (Ottawa, Canada)

2020     Looking at the Sea, Longing. A chamber opera/ Music Theater for a singer, an actor, 3 players, video and

  electronics. Kiki Keren-Hus - Composer, librettist and stage director. Sharon Katz - video artist (Canada). A production of

  the Musica Nova Ensembles. Premiere February 2021 (Tel Aviv, Israel)

2019     Vues dans la Tête (Canada)

2018     VisuElles Film Festival (Canada)

2017     Montreal Underground Film Festival (Canada)

2016     The Independent Scene, Tricky Women Film Festival (Austria) Program curated by Madi Pillar

2015     Mirror Mountain Film Festival (Canada)

2013     Lithuanian Disability Film Festival (Lithuania)

2013     Athens International Film and Video Festival (USA)

2013     ISIC International Exhibition, Media and Visual Arts (Turkey)

2013     International Animated Film Festival Poznan (Poland)

2013     Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia) (Canadian Indie Showcase)

2013     London International Animation Festival (Canadian Indie Showcase)

2013     Victoria Film Festival (Canada) under the title "That's Just Take One"

2012     Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (Canada)

2012     Abilities Film Festival (Canada)

2012     Vital Xposure (UK)

2012     Oska Bright Brighton (UK)

2012     Filmpro Caglar Kimyoncu (UK)

2012     Liberty Disability Arts Festival, British Film Institute (UK) Canadian selection to mark the Para-Olympics

2011     Tofuzi, International Festival of Animated Films (Georgia)

2011     TAIS Animation Showcase (Canada)

2011     Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia)

2011     One Minute Film & Video Festival (Canada)

2011     BosiFest International Film Festival (Serbia)

2010     AVA Film Festival (Iran)

2010     Tindirindis, Vilnius International Animation Festival (Lithuania)

2010     St. John's International Women's Film Festival (Canada)

2010     Reanimania, Yerevan International Animation Film Festival (Armenia)

2010     Shorts-Sighted Exhibition, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery (Canada)

2010     Animbar International Animation Festival (Kosovo)

2010     Dokufest International Festival of Documentary and Short Film (Kosovo)

2010     A-tube Global Animation Film Festival (Italy)

2009     Simona Gesmundo International Festival of Animated Short Film (Italy)

2009     Picture This Film Festival (Canada)

2009     Odense International Film Festival (Denmark)

2009     Luminato Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity (Canada)

2009     Rochester International Film Festival (USA)

2009     South Beach International Animation Festival (USA)

2009     Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia)

2009     San Francisco International Women's Film Festival (USA)

2009     Anifest International Festival of Audio-Visual Animated Films (Czech Republic)

2009     Dawson City International Short Film Festival (Canada)

2009     Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (USA)

2009     Sedona International Film Festival (USA)

2009     Victoria Film Festival (Canada)

2008     Anchorage International Film Festival (USA)

2008     St. John's International Women's Film Festival (Canada)

2008     Vilnius International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis (Lithuania)

2008     Montreal World Film Festival (Canada)

2008     Superfest International Disability Film Festival (USA)

2008     X'08 London's 8th International Disability Film Festival (UK)

2008     Spotlight: An Asian Festival of Inclusive Arts (Cambodia)

2007     AbilityFest 2007 (India)

2007     Amiens International Film Festival (France)

2007     Retour d'Image - Cinema des Differences (France)

2007     KROK Festival of Animated Film (Ukraine)

2007     KynnysKINO Film Festival (Finland)

2007     KAFI Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (USA)

2007     Dawson City International Short Film Festival (Canada)

2006     International Festival of Animated Films Tindirindis(Lithuania)

2006     Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) special programme

2006     Animadrid International Animation Film Festival (Spain)

2006     International Disability Awareness Film Festival, "Breaking Down Barriers" (Russia)

2006     Disability Film Festival serving ten outer regions of Russia (Russia)

2006     Disability Film Festival of Armenia

2006     Disability Film Festival of Uzbekistan

2006     Disability Film Festival of Azerbaijan

2006     Disability Film Festival of Georgia

2006     Chicago Disability Pride Film Festival (USA)

2006     Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival (Italy)

2006     London International Animation Festival (UK)

2006     Australian International Animation Festival (Australia)

2006     Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia)

2006     The Other Film Festival (Australia)

2006     Sapporo International Short Film Festival (Japan)

2006     Toronto Jewish Film Festival (Canada) special programme

2006     Animafest Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films (Croatia)

2006     Picture This Film Festival (Canada)

2006     The Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival (Canada)

2005     Toronto Animated Image Society (Canada)

2005     I Castelli Animati International Animation Festival of Italy (Italy)

2005     Cinanima International Animation Festival of Espinho (Portugal)

2005     Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) (Showcase screening)

2005     Anima Mundi International Animation Festival of Brazil (Brazil)

2006     Dallas Video Festival (USA)

2006     Toon Town: 65 Years of Animation in Canada’s Capital. Ottawa International Animation Festival (catalogue)

2004     Sabes JCC Film Festival, Minneapolis (USA)

2003     Montreal Jewish Film Festival (Canada)

2002     Salt Lake City Jewish Film Festival (USA)

2001     Celebration of Jewish Film, Jerusalem Cinematheque (Israel)

2001     Oxford Yiddish Summer School Film Event (UK)

2001     London Jewish Film Festival (UK)

2001     Vancouver Jewish Film Festival (Canada)

2001     Denver Jewish Film Festival (USA)

2001     Toronto Jewish Film Festival, premiere (Canada)

2001     Wisconsin International Children's Film Festival (USA)

2001     Kaleidoscope Children's Film Festival - Cincinnati International Film Festival (USA)

2001     Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) International Children's Film Festival (USA)

2000     TIFF Kids / Sprockets - Toronto International Film Festival for Children (Canada)

2000     Moondance International Film Festival (USA)

2000     Chicks 'n Flicks Film Festival (Canada)

2000     National Gallery of Art, (Washington, DC), Children’s Film Program

1999     International Student Animation Festival of Ottawa (SAFO)


2017     Studio SixtySix, Ottawa, Canada

2016     BANDES PASSANTES / CITY CLIPS, outdoor video projections old Hull, Daïmôn Centre de Production, Gatineau, QC

2015     Kjaer, Erin, curator. Embodiment (Nest Collective), Toronto, ON

2014     Picture a family, Daïmôn Centre de Production, Gatineau, QC (MFA thesis exhibition)

2013     Ottawa Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, ON

1990     Graham, Mayo, curator. Sharon Katz: New Work. Arts Court, Ottawa, ON

1990     Graham, Mayo, curator. A Sense of Place: Ottawa Viewed Through Artists' Eyes. Arts Court, Ottawa, ON

1990     Sharpe, Dan, curator. Another Picture: Reclaiming Painting as a Critical Mode. Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON

1990     Recent Acquisitions. City of Ottawa Gallery (catalogue)

1989     Selections from the Collection of the City of Ottawa, Art Gallery of Ottawa

1989     Sharpe, Dan, curator. Art and Money. Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON

1987     Homage to Duchamp. Forest City Gallery/London Regional Art Gallery/McIntosh Gallery, London, ON (catalogue)

1986     Ottawa in the Hague. Artoteek, The Hague, Netherlands (catalogue)

1985     Blatter, Janet, curator. Blessed is the Eye. Ottawa Congress Centre


The Canada Council Art Bank

The Canadian War Museum

The City of Ottawa Corporate Collection

Levitsky, Feldman and Schwartz Canadian Collection

Sandy Hill Health Centre, Ottawa, Canada


2010     Film and Video A Grant, Established Artist, City of Ottawa

2010     Viewer Choice Award, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery

2009      Shoestring Trophy, Rochester International Film Festival

2009     Ontario Arts Council, Media Artists Mid-Career & Established Program grant

2009     Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant

2009     Best Animation, Picture This Film Festival

2008     Merit Award, Superfest International Disability Film Festival

2008     Canada Council for the Arts Mid-Career Film & Established Video Artists Production Grant

2007     Ontario Arts Council, Media Artists Mid-Career & Established Program Grant

2007     Production award, Bravo!FACT

2007     National Film Board of Canada Filmmakers Assistance Program

2007     Film and Video A Grant, Established Artist, City of Ottawa

2007     Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant

2007     Jury Honorable Mention (2nd Prize), KynnysKINO6 Film Festival

2007     Jury Special Mention, Retour d'Image - Cinema des Differences

2006     Best Animation Under 10 Minutes, Picture This Film Festival

2005     Film and Video A Grant, Established Artist, City of Ottawa

2004     Ralph and Roslyn Halbert Foundation Grant

2001     Zukerman Family Foundation Grant

2001     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

2000     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

2000     Audience Choice Award, Chicks ‘n Flicks Film Festival

1999     National Film Board of Canada Filmmakers Assistance Program

1999     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

1998     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

1997     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

1997     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

1996     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education               

1995     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education

1995     Ontario Arts Council, Grants to Writers

1994     Ontario Arts Council, Grants to Writers

1993     Ontario Arts Council, Artists in Education